Adjunct Instructor- Professional Education

first_img* Do you have a Master’s Degree or higher?YesNo Posting Date07/03/2017 Classification TitleAdjunct Instructor- Professional Education Working TitleAdjunct Instructor- Professional Education Open Until FilledYes Position Category Job Summary/Basic Function Posting Number0800024 * How did you hear about this employment opportunity?Public Job PostingInternal Job PostingAgency ReferralAdvertisement/PublicationPersonal ReferralWeb siteOther Department Contact [email protected] Central State University ( CSU ) urgently needs adjuncts inCriminal Justice, Business Management, and Early ChildhoodEducation for summer 2020 online degree programs. Qualifiedcandidates must have at minimum a Master’s degree or 18 graduatecredit hours in the discipline and documented online teachingexperience.Beginning fall 2020, we plan to offer our Intervention Specialist (INS ) degree program online through the College of Education andwill soon add an undergraduate degree in InterdisciplinaryStudies-Humanities.We welcome adjuncts interested in becoming full-time, non-tenuretrack faculty in future. We offer competitive adjunct pay andfull-time salaries as well as an excellent benefits package tofull-time employees.Direct inquiries to: Business Management, Dr. Edith Davidson([email protected]); Early Childhood Education/ INS, Dr.Rajeev Swami ([email protected]); Criminal Justice, Dr. LynnRigsbee ([email protected]); IDS, Humanities, Dr. AmyHobbs-Harris ([email protected]). Closing Date12/31/2019 Minimum Qualifications Special Instructions to Applicants Budgeted Annual Salary0 Posting Details Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Preferred Qualifications DepartmentProfessional Education Applications for Adjunct Faculty positions in the Department ofProfessional Education are being accepted. Applications for adjunctfaculty positions will be considered for all academic disciplineswithin the department.An application must be submitted for each department that you areinterested in being considered for. For information regarding theacademic departments, please consult the Central State Universitywebsite. Required DocumentsRequired DocumentsCover LetterUnofficial TranscriptsResumeOptional DocumentsCurriculum Vitaelast_img read more

Autism researchers discover genetic ‘Rosetta Stone’

first_imgShare on Twitter Share on Facebook Matthew W. State, MD, PhD, the Oberndorf Family Distinguished Professor and chair of psychiatry at UCSF, first discovered the link between autism and SCN2A. According to State, who was not directly involved with the new study: “In autism research, understanding why mutations in a single gene can lead not only to ASDs, but to a wide range of other neurodevelopment disorders has emerged as a central question for the field. This new work provides critical clues that begin to unravel this mystery and could serve as a molecular ‘Rosetta Stone’ to illuminate autism pathology.”The study was published online January 26 in Biological Psychiatry.Genome sequencing points to SCN2A mutations as strongest known genetic drivers of autismThe advent of whole-exome genome sequencing and the amassing of large, well-defined study populations such as the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC) and the research cohorts assembled by the Autism Sequencing Consortium (ASC), have allowed researchers to make tremendous progress in recent years in identifying genetic risk factors for autism, said Sanders: “In the past four years we’ve gone from not really knowing how to find autism genes to having a long list of mutations linked to the disorder.”As a graduate student and postdoctoral researcher at Yale University working in State’s lab, Sanders led collaborations that searched for autism-linked genetic mutations by conducting large whole-exome genomic screens of more than 4,000 autistic children and their families participating in the SSC and ASC consortia. In studies published in 2012, 2014, and 2015, State, Sanders and collaborators found that de novo genetic mutations — spontaneous mutations not inherited from parents — play a role in the development of ASDs in at least 20 percent of all cases of autism, many more than previously recognized.These studies led to the identification of 65 genes with a strong likelihood of contributing to autism when mutated and implicated SCN2A as the human gene with the second strongest evidence for a causal role in driving ASDs. Analyses of additional SCN2A mutations In the current paper, confirm this result and elevate SCN2A to the single strongest case for a genetic driver of ASD.Autism-associated SCN2A mutations impede signaling in the developing brainSCN2A was in fact one of the first ASD-associated genes to be discovered. It encodes a sodium channel protein called NaV1.2 that is crucial to neurons’ ability to communicate electrically, especially during early brain development.In addition to its strong association with autism, SCN2A had also previously been implicated in epilepsy. When Sanders came to UCSF in 2015, he began collaborating with neurophysiologist Kevin Bender, PhD, an assistant professor of neurology and co-senior author of the study, to examine the mechanisms of how mutations SCN2A alter neuronal function to lead to these two different diseases.“Fortunately, the function of sodium channels is easy to test in the lab,” said Bender, who is also a member of UCSF’s Center for Integrative Neuroscience, Kavli Institute for Fundamental Neuroscience, and Weill Institute for Neurosciences. “Often you see mutations that are associated with a disease but you’re not really sure what the gene is supposed to do or how the mutations change its function. But neuroscientists have been studying sodium channels since the 1950s – the experiments are extremely clear.”Bender’s team measured how 12 SCN2A mutations observed in children with ASD affected the electrical properties of NaV1.2 channels in cultured human cells in the lab. As predicted, based on the mutations’ location on the protein, all 12 reduced the function of the sodium channel, but in a variety of different ways, ranging from stopping the channel from being made at all to simply blocking the pore through which sodium needs to flow for the channel to function.The researchers used this data to inform computer models of how the various channel mutations seen in children with ASD — as well as previously studied mutations seen in babies with infantile seizures — would impact the signaling properties of brain cells. They found that unlike mutations observed in patients with infantile seizures, which made model neurons more excitable, the mutations seen in children with ASD made it much harder for model neurons to send electrical signals.“It was remarkable to see how consistently neuronal function was disrupted by these different mutations seen in patients with autism,” said Roy Ben-Shalom, PhD, a post-doctoral researcher in the Bender lab who was lead author on the new paper. “The mutations all affected the channel in slightly different ways, but they ended up affecting neurons in almost exactly the same way.”Additional simulations of the effects of NaV1.2 defects on immature versus mature neurons indicated that autism-associated mutations would only have a major impact in the developing brain — since neurons transition away from relying on NaV1.2 channels as they mature — a finding consistent with the idea that the neurological changes that trigger in autism occur early in the womb or before one year of age, as previously proposed by Bender, Sanders and colleagues.SCN2A defects could be key to unlocking autism’s mysteriesThis study represents a first step in understanding how SCN2A mutations lead to autism and developmental delay, which the authors hope will both be immediately helpful to the families of patients with these mutations and also lead to better understanding of the mechanisms of ASD more generally.“These findings solidify SCN2A’s status as one of the most important genes in autism,” Bender said. “They give us a place to start exploring exactly how changes in early brain development lead to this condition.”A key next step, the researchers say, is understanding whether the severity of autism and developmental delay can be predicted by the specific SCN2A mutation a patient has, research that will require close collaboration between scientists and families affected by these mutations. An active SCN2A patient group is helping to coordinate this via the website in collaboration with SFARI, which provided major funding for the new study (SFARI 362242) alongside grants from the US National Institutes of Health (NINDS, NIMH).The new study is a perfect example of the power of the cross-disciplinary mindset of the new UCSF Weill Institute for Neuroscience, Sanders said: “Kevin and I came at this question from completely different angles – from genetics and from neurophysiology. When you bring people together from different backgrounds, as the Weill Institute does, you end up finding stories like this: a result as clear as night and day, but one we never would have seen without this collaboration.” LinkedIn Emailcenter_img Share Distinct sets of genetic defects in a single neuronal protein can lead either to infantile epilepsy or to autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), depending on whether the respective mutations boost the protein’s function or sabotage it, according to a new study by UC San Francisco researchers. Tracing how these particular genetic defects lead to more general changes in brain function could unlock fundamental mysteries about how events early in brain development lead to autism, the authors say.“The genetics of neuropsychiatric disease is often complicated, but here we have a single gene in which specific mutations can cause either infantile seizures or autism in a consistent and predictable manner,” said Stephan Sanders, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at UCSF and member of the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences who is co-senior author of the new study. “This gives us an opportunity to understand both what these disorders have in common and what makes them different.”The findings are a first step towards understanding how different subtle changes in neural function in utero could lead to the development of either a seizure-prone brain or an autistic brain in infancy, the authors say. The study also further implicates the gene responsible for these changes — called SCN2A — as the single human gene with the strongest evidence for a causal role in driving ASDs. Pinterestlast_img read more

Hong Kong reports its first H7N9 flu case

first_imgHong Kong today reported its first case of H7N9 avian flu, in a 36-year-old woman who had traveled to Shenzhen and had slaughtered and eaten a chicken. Meanwhile, mainland China recently confirmed its fifth H7N9 case since October.The Hong Kong patient is a domestic helper from Indonesia who traveled to Shenzhen in November, bought a chicken at a live-bird market, and slaughtered and ate it, said Ko Wing-man, MBBS, secretary for food and health, according to a Hong Kong government news release. The woman is in critical condition at Queen Mary Hospital, he added.She became sick Nov 21 and was admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital in Hong Kong on Nov 27. She was transferred to Queen Mary Hospital on Nov 30.The woman’s home contacts are being isolated and tested at Princess Margaret Hospital, Ko said.The woman is currently on a ventilator, Leung Ting-hung, controller for Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection (CHP), said in a video statement accompanying the government news release. He added that a friend traveled with her to the poultry market, but officials do not know where the friend is or whether the friend is from mainland China or Hong Kong.Four of the patient’s family members have had respiratory symptoms and are among those in isolation at Princess Margaret Hospital, Leung said.Elevated alert levelIn response to the case, the Hong Kong government has escalated the response level of its pandemic flu preparedness plan from “alert” to “serious,” Ko said. In addition, the Hospital Authority will strengthen infection control measures, including limiting visiting hours.Hong Kong has also suspended the importation of poultry from Shenzhen’s three registered poultry farms.The CHP will continue to work on contact tracing, Ko said. He added that results of the testing on the case-patient’s close contacts may be available as early as tomorrow. In addition, government agencies will ensure strict adherence to biosafety measures at live-bird markets and chicken farms in Hong Kong.Case on Chinese mainlandElsewhere, a 57-year-old man from Zhejiang province is infected with H7N9 flu, according to a Nov 29 report from Xinhua, China’s state news agency. The case is the country’s fifth this autumn after it logged 134 from spring through August.The man tested positive for H7N9 on Nov 27 after presenting to a Zhejiang University hospital for fever treatment, according to provincial health authorities. He then suffered respiratory failure and shock and is in critical condition, hospital officials said.This is the third case reported in November in China. The others were confirmed Nov 4 in Zhejiang province and Nov 5 in southern Guangdong province. As of Oct 25, 45 of the H7N9 cases have proved fatal, according to World Health Organization statistics.Market closure plansIn related news, Shanghai will suspend trading of live poultry from Jan 31, 2014, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, through Apr 30 to prevent the spread of H7N9, Xinhua reported today.The suspension will continue annually for 5 years, pending evaluation from officials, the story said. The news was released in a joint statement by the Shanghai Agricultural Commission and the Shanghai Commerce Commission.All wholesale and retail markets will be forbidden to sell poultry, and violators will face fines of about $1,600 to $4,900. Poultry from outside Shanghai will be shipped to designated slaughterhouses and cannot enter the local market directly, the statement said.In April of this year, all of Shanghai’s live-poultry markets were shut down to stem H7N9 transmission. The ban, which affected about 110 poultry markets, was lifted in June.See also:Dec 2 Hong Kong government news release and videoDec 3 transcript of Dr Ko’s statement on the caseNov 28 Xinhua storyDec 2 Xinhua reportlast_img read more

Credit-hire witnesses jailed for contempt

first_imgSeven expert witnesses who were found to have committed perjury on an ‘industrial scale’ by giving courts inaccurate information on the cost of hire cars provided after road traffic accidents received prison sentences today. The seven, former employees of expert evidence business Autofocus, were jailed from six to 13 months.The sentencing is the latest twist in long-running litigation over a case brought  by credit hire firm Accident Exchange after Lord Justice Moses ruled in a 2012 High Court hearing that perjury had taken place on an ‘industrial scale’.Passing sentence today, Mr Justice Supperstone said he was mindful of the damage that had been done to the business of Accident Exchange and its employees over a prolonged period. He also noted that, with the exception of one defendant, the main alleged perpetrators of the fraud had not been before the court in this action. As a result, he said he has referred the case to the director of public prosecutions with a recommendation that the position of those who controlled and managed Autofocus at the time be reviewed.In a statement, Accident Exchange expressed its ‘regret that the actions of the individuals – working for and responsible to both their employer and the legal process – have resulted in such serious consequences for them personally.’Accident Exchange continues to pursue Commercial Court proceedings for the recovery of what it claims are losses of £125 million attributable to the production and deployment of false and misleading evidence by Autofocus.last_img read more

TVCH, Harbor and downtown merchants meet today

first_imgJames Coffey, pastor of the Harbor, spoke at last month’s City of La Follette Regional Planning Commission meeting.LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The City of La Follette Regional Planning Commission (CORRECTION) requested that City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries facilitate a joint meeting today at 5 pm at city hall.  Downtown La Follette merchants, representatives from the Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless and The Harbor Church are expected to attend the meeting.The topic of discussion is the much talked about proposed Day Center for the homeless.  The site of the proposed center is the corner building at East Central and North Indiana Avenues in Downtown La Follette. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/09/2020-6AM-UPDATED 11AM))Share this:FacebookTwitterlast_img

Help with Logo!

first_imglilben777 Help with Logo! In a recent interview for a local newspaper, the principle of the high school around here stated that they “designed a new logo” for the school. Now, I might be mistaken, but I’m 99% positive I’ve seen this logo before. I know it’s not the Washington Capitals 90’s logo, but rather one that is very similar. Here is what they are claiming is the logo they “designed.” Brass 154 Link to post SportsLogos.Net Forums Home 2 posts 3,326 SportsLogos.Net 22,390 posts Brass Go To Topic Listing 0 Share on other sites 2 Posted October 15, 2016 The positioning reminds me of the Washington Capitals logo they used in the late 90s. 41 Link to post It looks like this particular Frankenstein is already in use at Ellison HS in Texas. deathcroc All Activity Posted October 15, 2016 Sports Logos 154 3,326 By Brass, October 15, 2016 in Sports Logo News Doing it the Leon Phelps way!!! All Activity Help with Logo! deathcroc Share on other sites Favourite Logos:Hartford WhalersSeattle SeahawksMonster EnergyUIC Flames1994-99 Houston Astros1998-2010 Golden State WarriorsSan Jose Sabrecats 41 Mid 90’s north Texas….at least the head but the rest is the new north Texas logo….pretty odd… Brass Members 0 3,074 posts 0 Share on other sites 0 0 Sign in to follow this   Favourite Logos:Hartford WhalersVancouver Canucks ‘Johnny V’BC LionsWashington Capitals ‘Weagle’ St Louis BluesNew Jersey DevilsCharlotte Hornets 2014-PresHouston Texans Seattle Seahawks Help with Logo! We’re on to 2020. Share this post Location:Parts Unknown Luke_Groundrunner Members Sports Logos 22,390 posts Share this post Link to post Forums Home Looks to be a modified variation (ripoff) of the old Fresno Falcons logo, a hockey team of the ’90’s. Who played in the WCHL (West Coast Hockey League) from 1995-2003 and the ECHL from 2003-2008. 41 395 posts Location:Vancouver, BC Canada We’re on to 2020. Posted October 15, 2016 Location:Candler, NC Link to post 3,326 Posted October 15, 2016 Followers 1 Share on other sites Sports Logo News Followers 1 0 Sports Logo News 154 Members Share on other sites Recommended Posts lilben777 Location:Parts Unknown Share this post 0 That’s it! Thank you! Share this post Members Brass This topic is now closed to further replies. Luke_Groundrunner 3,326 Link to post 3,326 Sign in to follow this   Share this post Members Posted October 15, 2016 3,326last_img read more