Own Summoners Rift With These League of Legends Gifts

first_img League of Legends players, which Champion is your favorite? It’s okay if you can’t choose. There are way too many for you to be able to claim one that’s the best. It’s a little like looking for a gift for that LoL player in your life. How could you pick something that’s both awesome and suited to your particular giftee’s League sensibilities? We’ve got just the list for you here, with plenty of sweet LoL items you can choose from to make any player’s day. Don’t be surprised if you end up ordering some things for you, too.Ashe Unlocked FigureThis gorgeous figure may cost a premium, but you’re paying for the quality you’d expect straight from Riot Games, home of League of Legends. Also, dat Ashe though. It’s extremely detailed and true to her in-game form. Whoever receives this gift will be the envy of all their friends.Gnar PlushGnar is just about cutest, cuddliest plushie you can get right now from the League of Legends official shop, but if you do decide to adopt him, you’d better make sure you and the person you’re giving him to know what you’re getting into.Teemo Plush HatJoin the club of Teemo hat-carrying members and plop this plush accessory on your best friend’s head. It’s a scientific fact that everyone becomes a little cuter when they’re wearing a Teemo hat. Didn’t you know?Funko Pop JinxJinx’s loose cannon, crazy self is immortalized in the form of this colorful little Funko Pop vinyl. There aren’t that many League of Legends Funko Pops out there right now, but this is the best one you could decide on getting at present. Who doesn’t love Jinx?Summoner’s Rift BraceletsShow everyone exactly where you fit in when you play in Summoner’s Rift. Are you a jungler? More of a mid person? Let any potential opponents know which lane you rock with these colorful bracelets that you can collect and share.Summoner’s Rift T-ShirtShow off your love for League in a sneaky way with this T-shirt, which looks more like a vintage souvenir than a callback to a popular game. It’s royal blue with a pop of color, and it should look good on anyone.Thresh Inspired Hoodie“Summon” Thresh for some casual cosplay with this awesome hoodie. Not only will it keep you warm, but it’ll probably scare off kids, too. And that’s definitely a plus. Hey, it’s Thresh. What more could you ask for?Jungle HoodieIf you’re not really the bracelet type, you can rock this hoodie proclaiming your love for being a jungler. The Etsy store also sells similar hoodies with other roles on them in other colors as well, so if you want a more stylish way to show off what you enjoy playing, this is a great way to do it.League of Legends MousepadYou can have all your favorite League imagery at your fingertips with this cool mousepad. When’s the last time you could call a mousepad cool? This time, dude. Because just look at it and tell me you don’t want one.League of Legends LanyardEven Summoners need somewhere to put their keys. You can clip your keyring onto this lanyard, which even has a special loop for you to carry your favorite charms. Next time you reach for your keys, they’ll be attached to this awesome thing, and you’ll know exactly where they are.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target The 11 Greatest Esports Moments Of All TimeLeague of Legends board game announced last_img read more

Airbnb Hosts Can Chip In to Help House Displaced People

first_img Airbnb For Work Simplifies Business TravelAirbnb’s Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Rental Is a Hot Dog Lover’s Paradise Stay on target Airbnb’s new donations tool lets U.S. hosts pledge a portion of their lodging income to organizations helping people in need of temporary housing.As of May 1, innkeepers can choose what percentage of their Airbnb earnings to gift; 100 percent of contributions go directly to nonprofit partners.“We estimate that if every host in the United States contributed just 1 percent of their earnings, partner organizations could help find temporary housing for 2 million people this year,” according to the company.That’s well over Airbnb’s goal of sheltering 100,000 people by 2022.“Many hosts in our community are eager to help when a crisis hits, but aren’t always able to open their homes,” co-founder and Chief Product Officer Joe Gebbia said in a statement. “We developed this donations tool to give them an easy, straightforward way to make an impact.”If every host in the US contributed just 1 percent of their earnings, partner organizations could help find temporary housing for 2 million people this year (via Airbnb)The new initiative is part of the company’s Open Homes program, which, for seven years, has seen Airbnb hosts open their homes for free to those affected by conflict, disaster, or critical illness.The Open Homes community has already helped more than 25,000 people.To participate, visit the Open Homes website to “start donating” or “offer your space.” (Before anyone crosses the threshold, willing hosts can message with the guest to decide if it’s a good fit and agree on length of stay.)Airbnb, meanwhile, is investing more than $20 million to help people in need of housing, offering grants to nonprofits like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and International Rescue Committee. The company has also partnered with disaster relief organization All Hands and Hearts.“We hope that through the company’s contributions, the Open Homes program, and our hosts’ generous donations, we can extend belonging to those who are facing their darkest hour,” Gebbia said.The donations tool will roll out globally later this year.More on Geek.com:This Massive Idaho ‘Potato’ Is Now a Cozy Airbnb You Can Stay InAirbnb in Hot Water Again Over Hidden CamerasAirbnb Host Admits to Killing Guest Over Unpaid $149 Billlast_img read more