Own Summoners Rift With These League of Legends Gifts

first_img League of Legends players, which Champion is your favorite? It’s okay if you can’t choose. There are way too many for you to be able to claim one that’s the best. It’s a little like looking for a gift for that LoL player in your life. How could you pick something that’s both awesome and suited to your particular giftee’s League sensibilities? We’ve got just the list for you here, with plenty of sweet LoL items you can choose from to make any player’s day. Don’t be surprised if you end up ordering some things for you, too.Ashe Unlocked FigureThis gorgeous figure may cost a premium, but you’re paying for the quality you’d expect straight from Riot Games, home of League of Legends. Also, dat Ashe though. It’s extremely detailed and true to her in-game form. Whoever receives this gift will be the envy of all their friends.Gnar PlushGnar is just about cutest, cuddliest plushie you can get right now from the League of Legends official shop, but if you do decide to adopt him, you’d better make sure you and the person you’re giving him to know what you’re getting into.Teemo Plush HatJoin the club of Teemo hat-carrying members and plop this plush accessory on your best friend’s head. It’s a scientific fact that everyone becomes a little cuter when they’re wearing a Teemo hat. Didn’t you know?Funko Pop JinxJinx’s loose cannon, crazy self is immortalized in the form of this colorful little Funko Pop vinyl. There aren’t that many League of Legends Funko Pops out there right now, but this is the best one you could decide on getting at present. Who doesn’t love Jinx?Summoner’s Rift BraceletsShow everyone exactly where you fit in when you play in Summoner’s Rift. Are you a jungler? More of a mid person? Let any potential opponents know which lane you rock with these colorful bracelets that you can collect and share.Summoner’s Rift T-ShirtShow off your love for League in a sneaky way with this T-shirt, which looks more like a vintage souvenir than a callback to a popular game. It’s royal blue with a pop of color, and it should look good on anyone.Thresh Inspired Hoodie“Summon” Thresh for some casual cosplay with this awesome hoodie. Not only will it keep you warm, but it’ll probably scare off kids, too. And that’s definitely a plus. Hey, it’s Thresh. What more could you ask for?Jungle HoodieIf you’re not really the bracelet type, you can rock this hoodie proclaiming your love for being a jungler. The Etsy store also sells similar hoodies with other roles on them in other colors as well, so if you want a more stylish way to show off what you enjoy playing, this is a great way to do it.League of Legends MousepadYou can have all your favorite League imagery at your fingertips with this cool mousepad. When’s the last time you could call a mousepad cool? This time, dude. Because just look at it and tell me you don’t want one.League of Legends LanyardEven Summoners need somewhere to put their keys. You can clip your keyring onto this lanyard, which even has a special loop for you to carry your favorite charms. Next time you reach for your keys, they’ll be attached to this awesome thing, and you’ll know exactly where they are.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target The 11 Greatest Esports Moments Of All TimeLeague of Legends board game announced last_img read more

Cloak and Dagger Finally Spend Almost a Whole Episode Together

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Cloak and Dagger’s First Season Sails AwayCloak and Dagger Takes the Heroes to Their Lowest Point Cloak and Dagger is not afraid to be slow. This is a show that (for the most part) takes its time. This entire episode is framed by one conversation in a church. And when it really lets a moment breathe like that, it’s a better show for it. The beginning throws us right into the middle of things with Tandy and Tyrone trying to figure out exactly what the hell’s going on. Tyrone gives us a concise recap of his half of last week’s episode. He tells Tandy exactly what he saw, including the fact that she stopped running and saved her dad. As if to taunt us, the show only gives us the shortest scenes with them together at the beginning. Our two heroes do work really well together, and I wish the show would just get to the team-up part of this already.Instead, we get an awkward, abrupt cut to the next morning. Tyrone is being cagey with his parents about what’s going on, and it turns out he wants to get to school early and make out with his girlfriend in the darkroom. As unique a superhero show as this is, it’s still dipping its toe into teen drama territory. It doesn’t lean quite as hard in that direction as Hulu’s Runaways series, but it’s here. That abrupt cut is there for a reason, though. Just like last week, the show is playing with the order in which it tells its story. It cuts back and forth between their conversation and the events of the next couple days. As Tandy talks about her power to see people’s hopes, the scene cuts to her testing it out on her mom’s boyfriend, Greg. Contrary to what she thought, his hopes involve a happy, stable family life with her and her mom.Aubrey Joseph, Olivia Holt — Photo: Freeform/Alfonso BrescianThis is where Tandy’s story starts to get interesting. In the past three episodes, she appeared to have it all figured out. She could read people. She assumed Greg was just another married con artist, saying whatever it took to get her mom into bed. But she sees what he wants for the future, and it’s a real surprise that he might actually be a decent guy. She starts warming up to him and shows up at his office to help in the Roxxon case. It’s fun to see her play detective/lawyer with Greg. They’re both serious about finding out what Roxxon was up to, and they bring out the good detectives in each other.That’s why is such a shock when it goes bad. Not because of Greg, but because of what he was working on. Tandy’s mom starts to cool off towards him. She starts thinking that Tandy’s assessment was right, that he is just like all the other married men who’ve toyed with her. She breaks up with him, and Tandy heads to his office to try and patch things up. From across the street, she sees a woman in delivery clothes seemingly replacing his water cooler. As Tandy watches, the woman suddenly shoots Greg in the head, and torches all his Roxxon documents. It’s not hard to figure out who she works for. This one episode did such a good job of making us like Greg, it’s a genuine blow to the heart to watch him die. Especially because that’s a huge setback in Tandy’s search for revenge. It’s the first time Cloak and Dagger has made me gasp. It probably won’t be the last.Aubrey Joseph — Photo: Freeform/Alfonso BrescianTyrone’s story isn’t quite as dramatic, but it does give us some great character development. We learn about his father’s history and see him figure out how to seek out justice. At first, he takes Tandy’s advice. It doesn’t go very well. In order to make himself look the victim, he makes it look like his bike was stolen, and reports it to the police department. When he gets there, he can’t go through with it. At home, his dad has noticed his bolt cutters missing, and thinks Tyrone is getting involved in criminal activity, just like his brother had before he was murdered. He takes Tyrone on a trip to his old neighborhood. It turns out his dad was a Mardi Gras Indian. A tradition among working class black folks in New Orleans said to date back to the days of slavery. It’s a real thing, and the show treats it with respect, though it doesn’t go out of its way to give everyone a history lesson. Our role as the audience is similar to Tyrone’s. We respectfully observe, not speaking unless spoken to. Tyrone is a newcomer to all of this. He’s learning along with all of us where he came from.There’s a bit of tension at first. Tyrone’s dad left the neighborhood, and that’s a bit of a sore spot. It doesn’t take long though before old friends embrace, both agreeing it’s been too long since they’ve seen one another. The most notable thing that happens here is Tyrone finds, well, a cloak. His father teaches him about the beadwork. How they sew new garments every year that reflect the person they’ve become. It’s hard, patient work, and most people who start never finish. Like Tyrone’s brother, who was murdered before he could finish his black cloak. Tyrone finds it and resolves to finish what his older brother started. It’s a sweet, meaningful moment between father and son, and the whole experience teaches Tyrone a few things. Like how to attack his problem honestly. The next day, after learning the name of an honest cop from Tandy, he returns to the police station. He asks for Detective O’Reilly.Aubrey Joseph, Olivia Holt (Photo via Freeform)Both the individual stories were engrossing this week, but the interstitial scenes of them talking in the old church was the real star. Their conversation was natural and fun as the talked around who they were and what they could do. They felt like two awkward teenagers feeling each other out, one (Tandy) putting on a show of being much more mature than she really is. I loved the scene where they test out their powers. They close their eyes and slowly draw closer to one another. The scene is filled with the most non-sexual sexual tension imaginable. Like, it’s a completely PG-rated scene, but it feels… really intimate. Both unsure, waiting for some kind of explosion. And when they get too close, there is one that flings both of them across the room.The only part that didn’t really work for me is their sudden falling out. We finally get a full episode with these two actors together, and it ends in a fight just like pretty much every other encounter they’ve had so far. And that’s natural at this stage. They’re not partners yet. But it came out of nowhere at the end. Tandy mentions that she sometimes thinks about suicide, and Tyrone lashes out at her. He calls her out for her privilege. He’s coming from an understandable place. Sure, he has money and she doesn’t, but at some point, money doesn’t matter. She’s given the benefit of the doubt because she’s a pretty blonde white girl. As a young black person, he doesn’t get that treatment. His mother’s credit card doesn’t stop police from assuming he’s a threat from the jump. That difference actually comes up much more organically when Tandy suggests Tyrone find an excuse to hang around the police station. And if their falling out had stemmed from that, it might have worked better. As it is, Tyrone yells at Tandy for her depression, and then tells her to just die if that’s what she wants. It’s the one moment that felt completely out of character, and out of tone for this episode. (It did end with the number for the suicide prevention hotline, so good on the show for doing that.)Olivia Holt — Photo: Freeform/Alfonso BrescianThere was a point to all of that, though. As jarring a shift as the argument was (really, it felt like something was cut or shortened for time), it led somewhere meaningful. As they pushed each other away yet again, they actually took each other’s advice with them. As I already said, Tyrone seeks help from a good detective, and Tandy… well, she really does attempt suicide. But just as she dives into the water, hands tied, we see a bright light. Her powers activated, and she reemerges, having cut through her ropes with the crystal dagger. Realizing she can use this ability to do some good (and probably save more lives than her own), she heads back to Greg’s office. The Roxxon assassin missed the safe where he kept his files, but Tandy noticed it. That was a nice bit of setup and payoff from this episode. She uses her dagger to cut through the safe, and grabs the files. She may not have Greg anymore, but she’ll still take down the evil corporation.Four episodes in, and Cloak and Dagger is still a unique, unpredictable piece of superhero TV. We’re almost halfway through the season, and it remains resistant to formula in the best way. I love the format changes, and the way it chooses to tell its story, and the actors all sell it so well. It’s not a perfect show. The dialog can get a little cringey at times, and some developments feel rushed, especially this week. But despite that, they all work. The show ties everything together and leaves just enough loose ends to keep us on the hook for next week. I don’t know what kind of show Cloak and Dagger will be next week, but I know I’ll be glued to the couch for it.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Best External Hard Drive For Xbox One

first_imgADATA SE730H External SSDThis ADATA drive is maybe the chicest piece of tech on this whole list. Yeah you’ll only get 512GB of space. But in exchange you’ll get a really stylish drive that’ll frankly make your Xbox One look ugly. And the performance speed USB-C over no slouch either for this, one of the best external hard drives for Xbox One. Read more on PCMag.com. Hands-On: ‘Stranded Sails’ Is a Relaxing Farm Sim AdventureHands-On: ‘Sparklite’ Is a Fun Zelda-Inspired Roguelike CalDigit TuffNot that we expect players to take their Xbox One outside that often, but maybe if you have multiple systems you want to carry games with on an external drive to enjoy wherever you’re gaming. And if that drive broke somehow it would sure suck to download those games all again. Don’t worry about that with the waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof CalDigit Tuff, the toughest best external hard drive for Xbox One. Read more on PCMag.com. Back in the day video game file sizes were very modest. Sure at the time they took up a lot of space, given hardware restrictions. But now you can collect every NES game ever made in less than a gigabyte of storage. However, as games have grown grander, their worlds bigger, their graphics more detailed, their sounds more lush and clear, files sizes have rapidly ballooned. And limited disc storage, along with customer desire to own all their games digitally, means directly downloading those files onto your console. Do you want to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2? You better be prepared to wait for nearly 100GB of data to pour in from the internet tubes.Console manufacturers try to help players out by including a healthy amount of storage in the base hardware itself. If you’re paying a couple hundred dollars for these machines the least they can do is give you a terabyte of storage space. But if you’re an avid gamer you’re still quickly going to run out of room. So what are you supposed to do? Deleting games is not an option.If you’re an Xbox One owner you’re in luck because current Xbox Ones support external hard drives for game storage, useful if you’re enjoying lots of titles from an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Sure you can manually swap out the internal drive for a faster solid-state drive or something. But just plugging in an additional drive easily expands your space while keeping read/write speed enough to not saddle gameplay with insufferable load times. And compatibility-wise, it’s all pretty generous. You just need a USB 3.0 port. So from across a variety of brands, here are the best external hard drives for Xbox One. For in-depth reviews of all these hard drives read the extensive reviews on our sister site PCMag.com.Seagate Fast SSDFast is right in the name. And this Seagate drive’s speed is especially impressive considering you can get up to a terabyte of SSD space for an affordable price. Doubling your Xbox One’s space this well this easily for this price makes this one of the best external hard drives for Xbox One. Read more on PCMag.com. Samsung Portable SSD T5This Samsung drive has basically everything you want. Lots of space. All kinds of USB ports. Fast speed. And an attractive compact design that won’t be this ugly gaudy brick next to your sleek Xbox One S/X. The only catch is the higher price but that’s a price worth paying for one of the best external hard drives for Xbox One. Read more on PCMag.com. Stay on target Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSDThis Western Digital drive’s coolest feature, its ability to transmit data wirelessly, might not be exactly useful if you just want to plug it into your Xbox One via USB. But it does make it one of the best external hard drives for Xbox One that you can use in awesome other situations with other tech you might have. Read more on PCMag.com.For more on Xbox check out the best original Xbox games and how to connect an Xbox controller to PC. And for more great hard drive picks, check out the full list of best external hard drives of 2018 on our sister site PCMag.com.Purchase Xbox One Xlast_img read more